Katy Rodriguez fall 2009


My last stop on the fashion week circuit last night was intended to be a quick drive-by of Katy Rodriguez’s presentation at 401 Projects. “I’ll just pop in for two seconds and then straight to bed,” I thought to myself as I struggled to keep my eyes open in the cab downtown. After eight shows and all of two hours of sleep the night before, I was on my last fashion-week-leg.

Well, well. Leave it to a cool, art-filled space and some seriously chic party dresses to lift my energy right back up. Forty-five minutes later, I was still in the dark, club-like basement of the gallery, sipping spring water, chatting happily away to friends, and checking out the short, little mini-dresses and skirts, pondering what to purchase. Inspired by a cross between flirty, feminine 50s shapes and the tougher, more sexed up appeal of the 80s, Rodriguez, who is also the co-owner of lauded vintage store Resurrection, turned out a small collection that was perfectly suited to the neon-lit underground venue. 

Among my favorite looks: a super short, full fuchsia skirt, and a bondage-print dress.