MAKEOVER ALERT: Katy Perry Got a Platinum-Blonde Bob

MAKEOVER ALERT: Katy Perry Got a Platinum-Blonde Bob
Photo: Getty Images

Uh, guys—Katy Perry just ditched her long black waves for a short, platinum-blonde bob, and we’re kind of freaking out about it. Sure, this is probably the least-shocking hair transformation the singer has ever had (we all remember her tie-dye phase, her purple phase, and her green phase), but seeing as Perry hasn’t really made any drastic hair moves in months, and she’s the queen of beauty changes, we’re a little pumped.

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And that excitement jumped up a few notches when we realized the hair change came with a big announcement: Katy Perry will perform at the Grammy Awards this weekend. YUP. Please contain your excitement before you hurt yourself. To show off her new hair, Perry posted a photo of herself to Instagram with the caption, “New life who dis,” which promptly garnered almost one-million likes and a zillion more heart and smiling emojis from fans.

The man behind the hair is Chris Appleton, hairstylist to J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and pretty much every other celebrity you love, who posted the same photo of Perry to his Instagram with the caption “SORBET DREAMS.” And unlike many of Perry’s hair changes, which turn out to be wigs, we’re nearly positive this one is here to stay—at least until after the Grammys. Which we may or may not have programmed into our phones in the form of a countdown clock.

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