Katy Perry Unveils A New Pixie Cut

Sable Yong

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✂👦️I asked for the Kris Jenner👦✂️

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Is Katy Perry pixie-punking everyone with her new “Kris Jenner-inspired” crop? We certainly hope not, since she looks chicer than ever. Posted on her Instagram today, April Fools Day, we were a bit skeptical as to the authenticity of this dramatic cut.

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Honestly though, Katy looks amazing with this vaguely 80s-looking textured pixie. Considering how her color-chameleon ways must have wreaked havoc on her hair these past few months, a pixie would be the last resort to rid yourself of all that damaged hair and start fresh. Maybe she had a chat with Rita Ora‘s new pixie and decided that a head free of damaged hair was a step in the right direction.

April Fools joke or not, your new hair looks great, Katy. May you and your follicles rejoice with a healthier life.

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