We Haven’t Seen Katy Perry’s Hair Like This in a Long Time

Elizabeth Denton
We Haven’t Seen Katy Perry’s Hair Like This in a Long Time
Photo: Shutterstock.

Ever since she debuted a pixie two years ago, Katy Perry has been surprisingly conservative when it comes to her hair. She’s gone darker and lighter, and even had a blue moment, but has always stayed super-short—until now. Perry showed off long blonde hair on Friday, the same day her new song remix, “Con Calma” with Daddy Yankee, debuted. “Como te llamas, baby?” she captioned the debut pic.

Perry’s hair is obviously a wig since there’s no vitamin that makes hair grow that fast—yet. It’s courtesy of celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, who is responsible for some of Perry’s best looks. The honey-blonde hair looks incredibly natural, thanks to soft, light-brown roots that make it look like the hair is growing right from her head. Appleton gave her long beachy waves that fall right past her shoulders. It’s a pretty generic popstar style but I don’t mean that in a bad way. Perry looks absolutely gorgeous and confident rocking the pretty ‘do.

It’s possible this transformation is for the upcoming music video for “Con Calma.” Daddy Yankee even commented on Perry’s post with a rose and Puerto Rican flag emoji, which seems like a major clue. Fans seem to agree. “Daddy Yankee and Katy collaboration 😍👏 never thought that would happen and I’ve been wishing and hoping they’d collab for years now. I’m just soooo happy!,” one person wrote. “We need a video clip, please!” said a dozen others.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see Perry’s transformation when the video finally debuts. I have a feeling it’s going to be a banger.