Katy Perry Imitates Kim Kardashian’s Infamous Hairstyle

Katy Perry Imitates Kim Kardashian’s Infamous Hairstyle
Photo: Getty Images

Queen Katy Perry has been having some hair fun lately, bleaching it white-blonde, chopping it into a pixi, spiking it like Guy Fieri, and now, copying Kim Kardashian’s Dutch braids, complete with a hella contoured face and skin-tight latex clothes.

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Over the weekend, Perry Instagrammed a photo of herself with long, long—we’re talkin’ below-the-butt long—braids, a la Kim Kardashian, as Perry said (or, more accurately, a la every single black woman who wore these braids centuries before Kim appropriated them into “boxer braids,” which are not a thing, and will never be a thing), plus a very Kim-like choker bodysuit, bold brows, and at least five rows of fake lashes. And, just to really drive the point home, Perry captioned her photo “Katy Kardashian.”

Of course, Perry didn’t just magically grow four feet of hair overnight, seeing as she’s had a close-cropped cut for the last month. No, the mermaid-length hair is the result of hairstylist Chris Appleton, who Instagrammed a photo of Perry pre-braids, sipping a Starbucks unicorn frappuccino, with the caption “who dis?”

The whole lookalike process wasn’t just weekend fun, though—it appears that Perry channeled Kim for some secret project, considering the fact that makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted the same photo of Perry with the hashtag “secret project.” Yup, that’s all we’re going off, here, but at least we know some project is in works. Either way, we’re really hoping this means that we’ll see more of Katy dressed up as other celebs, because it’s pretty much the only thing the world needs right now.

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