We Got Katie Holmes to Spill All Her Beauty Secrets

Victoria Moorhouse
Katie holmes beauty advice

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The amount of beauty questions we have for Katie Holmes is absurd. It would take about four full “Dawson’s Creek” marathons to get through all of them. How does one manage to pull off every hairstyle from a bob with blunt bangs to voluminous Old Hollywood curls? What does she do to maintain those amazing brows? How does she keep her skin glowing like that? So when we found out we had the chance to sit down with Katie and talk all things beauty, we quickly got down to work compiling a more realistic list.

And girl did not hold back. The Alterna Haircare Global Brand Ambassador told us everything, from her hair care routine to who her all-time beauty icons are. Read on and learn all of Katie’s beauty secrets—and prepare to learn a thing or two.

What are your must-have hair care products?
I’ve been using this [Alterna Haircare Caviar Moisture Intense Oil Creme Pre Shampoo Treatment, $35, sephora.com] a lot because in the wintertime your hair gets so dry. So I’ve been using the oil-cream, and you put it on before you shampoo and then when you shampoo. It really works to make it feel like cashmere. It’s so soft. I use it once or twice a week to re-hydrate. I love the Caviar Shampoo and Conditioners ($32 each, sephora.com) and the Bamboo Kendi Oils. ($25, sephora.com) They are my favorites.

How would you describe your hair care routine?
Well, I am meticulous about the products that I put in. I always use Alterna, and I try to keep it shiny and smooth. I like to have nice-looking hair. It’s the one thing we can control, right?

What’s one thing you’re really good at in hair?
I can do a good blowout on myself, except the back! But the sides look amazing! It’s all about the rolling brush—I’m pretty good with a round brush! It’s taken years, but I finally feel confident!

Speaking of, what beauty look do you feel the most confident in?
I like the hair down. I feel good in a smokey eye and a nude lip.

If you only have 10 minutes to do your hair and makeup…What would you do?
I definitely put some Kendi Oil in, and I usually throw it up. And I do always concealer, mascara, and a lip.

What’s one beauty trend that really intrigues you?
When I was in Japan a couple years ago, the trend at the time was really sparkly. A lot of sparkles on the eyes and pastels. I really liked it! I like glitter makeup—I was doing some glitter on Halloween, and I might do some glitter for the holidays.

What’s one beauty advice you’d give younger girls if you could tell them one thing?
Take care of your hair, take care of your skin, do what you love. And don’t try to look like someone else; be yourself. I’m tired of people trying to look like everyone else. We’re all going to look exactly the same. Let’s celebrate our differences.

What’s your skin care routine like?
I wash my face every night and morning and I use an exfoliant. I use Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser ($8, ulta.com) which has the exfoliant in it, then their moisturizer and I drink a lot water.

So what are some things you have in your bag at all times?
I always have a little thing of Olay lotion. I keep Kendi oil in my bag in case there’s a last-minute something I have to go to and my hair is a disaster. I always keep a couple shades of lipstick and some blush.

Who are some of your beauty icons?
I think Cate Blanchett is beautiful inside and out. I think her skin is gorgeous, but I love the fact that she started the Sydney Theatre Company. Her work is exquisite. Just when you think she can’t get any better, she gets better. I think all of that is reflected in her appearances—in her confidence and intelligence. So I look up to her. I also think Patti Smith is very beautiful. She’s influenced our style. I loved M Train. I loved Just Kids. She has such a beautiful soul that you see in her writing and her songs. That makes her beautiful to me.

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