Katherine Langford Looks Like a Disney Princess IRL With Her New Fiery Red Hair

Andrea Jordan
Katherine Langford Looks Like a Disney Princess IRL With Her New Fiery Red Hair
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.

If we had to name the most popular Hollywood trend of 2019 (so far), it would be drastic celebrity hair transformations.  Within just a few weeks of the new year, A-listers are dying, chopping and styling their signature looks into something nearly unrecognizable and at this point, it’s becoming hard to keep track of. Now, we have Katherine Langford’s red hair to throw on that quickly-growing list.

This weekend, 13 Reasons Why and Cursed star took to Instagram to showcase her new tresses in an up-close selfie that showed just enough color, letting us know that something was up. The naturally brunette actress has dyed her hair ginger and looks like a real-life Disney princess. Langford is no stranger to new hair color, having gone blonde for her role in the sci-fi movie, Spontaneous. But after seeing her sport blonde, brunette and red tresses, we wouldn’t blame her for deciding to stick with red because it looks that good.

The salon responsible for Langford’s copper, red strands is Australian-based salon Circles of Hair. The brand took to Instagram to showcase the process of coloring her wavy, chocolate locks and much to our surprise, it looked rather simple. We love the peek-a-boo natural brown color left at her roots to make the bold color look more natural.

And with over 2 million likes on the post debuting her Ariel-like hair, it’s obvious fans are loving the new look just as much as we are. We don’t know what enticed the actress to switch things up, but no matter the reason, whether it’s one of those “just because” moments or for an upcoming role, we think the copper strands should be here for the long-haul.