Why Cara Delevingne’s Makeup Artist Recommends Using Oil as a Primer

Why Cara Delevingne’s Makeup Artist Recommends Using Oil as a Primer
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There’s a select group of makeup products that constantly leave us wondering if they’re necessary or complete B.S. and primer is one of them. We’ve dedicated round-ups to it and solicited advice from experts who say it enhances the look our foundation, yet we still can’t decide whether it’s actually worth spending money on.

Honestly, we’ve gone with and without it so many times (without much of a difference in my skin), that we still don’t have a solid answer. Well, according to Katey Denno, makeup artist to Cara Delevingne, Mindy Kaling and more, the hype is just that: hype…unless it’s a facial oil.

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In an interview with E! Online, the green beauty expert started by explaining her choice to steer away from mainstream products altogether, “which often contain known carcinogenic and endocrine system disrupting ingredients.” Since skin is our largest organ, she doesn’t see the point in using the harmful stuff when there are options that use 100% non-toxic ingredients available, too.

Primers in particular aren’t always skin-compatible because of the concoctions used to give off the illusion of smoother skin. “[Primers] typically contain a number of silicones to make them form a barrier on the skin to enable foundation to sit atop of pores and make skin appear more smooth, but can, with regular use overtime, suffocate skin, and lead to breakouts,” she says.

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Instead, she recommends prepping the skin for coverage with a facial oil–even if you have oily skin–since “it absorbs into skin more thoroughly than a moisturizer does, which allows foundation to adhere better to skin.” And of course, eco-conscious foundations like Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum FoundationsYouth Cream Compact Foundation and  Stem Cellular CC Creams further enhance the benefits of healthier skin preparation.

But overall, Denno emphasizes the peace of mind that comes with using skin-safe primers and other makeup products.

“I’d much rather have to reapply my lipstick a few times a day and know that what I’m putting on my mouth is 100% free of any toxins, than put on a 24-hour ‘stay put’ lipstick that may ultimately cause me harm,” she says.

Here’s a primer (see what we did there?) on transitioning to a clean beauty routine if you’re ready.