Why Kate Walsh Is Tossing Her Makeup (And Why You Should Too)

Libby Cross

Actress Kate Walsh is the perfect example of how to punch up your spring look with a bold lip color. With her striking red hair, she proves that a strong lip often looks best when contrasted with another bright. “I love this trend toward red and orange lipstick and pinks and fuchsias and kind of a real blast of color for spring and summer,” Walsh told People.

However, as we scramble to add as many of the irresistible new season brights to our make up collection as possible, Walsh reminds us that we should be sure to spring clean our make up to make sure that there are no “nasties” hiding in its deepest, darkest depths. While we never thought having too much makeup could ever be a problem, old and expired makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria that will do you and your skin no good at all. This is particularly the case with lipsticks, which have a shorter life-span than powder products.

While Walsh was lucky enough to have her personal makeup artist come to her house and go through her stash, she implores us all to be our own beauty experts and be vigilant in checking expiration dates. It’s generally pretty easy to tell when a lipstick as gone bad as Walsh said, “You can usually tell oddly by the smell that it’s time to throw them out.”

Given her flawless skin, we think it’s probably best to heed her advice and toss, toss, toss. And out with the old surely has to mean in with the new, right?



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