News: Try Kate Upton’s Sideswept Hairstyle; Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ Makeover

Rachel Krause
The Cinema Society & Bobbi Brown With InStyle Host A Screening Of "The Other Woman"

Photo: Getty Images

The press tour for “The Other Woman” has seen a lot of great looks from Kate Upton, but this voluminous sideswept hairstyle was our favorite. John Frieda hairstylist Peter Butler shows us how to get it in five easy steps. [Beauty High]

Take a lesson from Jennifer Lawrence in how to style a growing-out pixie cut. [People]

We’ve seen Katy Perry in a veritable cornucopia of strange and confusing looks, but nothing like the various “characters” she plays in her new music video for “Birthday.” [Us]

A recent study dictates that people who feel more attractive tend to agree more with statements that support inequality and social hierarchy—in other words, when you feel like you look your best, you’re more likely to believe that you belong in a higher social class, and furthermore, that those considered “below you” are deserving of their place. Interesting! [Allure]