News: Kate Upton Goes Short; How to Get the Perfect Lip Stain

Rachel Krause

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Kate Upton, she of the luscious bod and equally luscious long blonde waves, has chopped said locks into a choppy shoulder-length bob. [Celebuzz]

Holiday travel season is fast approaching, which means quite a few of us will be spending plenty of time on the plane. We don’t have to tell you just how traumatic flying can be to your skin, which is why these easy steps for staying glowy are so important. [Allure]

There’s nothing like a good lip stain: It’s pretty, long-lasting, and somewhat natural-looking, which makes it pretty much a perfection trifecta. Here’s how to get it exactly right every time. [Beauty High]

The standard Thanksgiving feast doesn’t just bloat your belly, but your face, too, thanks to all that sodium. These slimming makeup tips will at least create the illusion of a brighter, less puffy face until you get a chance to hit the gym. [POPSUGAR Beauty]