How to Get Deborah Lippmann’s Graphic White Nail at Kate Spade

Emily Rekstis
Kate Spade NYFW 15

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Kate Spade is known for her pops of bright bold colors, especially for the spring season. So what compliments those bold colors better then a nice clean white nail?

Nail artist Deborah Lippmann created a very opaque white nail with a thin black strip for Kate Spade’s Spring 2015 collection. “It’s strong and graphic but natural and fresh all at the same time,” says Lippmann. We couldn’t agree more and we can’t wait to recreate it using these steps and tips straight from Lippmann herself.

Start off with a shorter length nail that is rounded at the ends. Next, clean up your nail beds and cuticles. Lippman expresses that it is imperative to have a cleanly groomed nail when working with an opaque white.

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For the base, (which Lippmann strongly urges that you do not skip), she applies her Gel Lab Base Coat or Turn Back Time base coat. To make sure that the white color goes on smooth and does not pull or drag, you have to allow for the solvents to evaporate in the base. So give it about one to two minutes before you apply the color.

Next, apply your first coat of Amazing Grace white. Lippman explains that it is tempting to apply too much color when using white. “The key is to just stick to the technique one down the center, down the sides and cap the tip then to pull the brush away. Do not continue.” It’s OK to have uneven, coarse deposits on that first layer. Once you let the first coat dry for one to two minutes, you can apply the second coat.

Now you apply your nail striping tape. You’re going to lay it just below where the free edge of your nail is but run it straight across instead of curved. Snip the tape right at the edge of your nails.

Top it off with the Gel Lab top coat for a bright shiny finish.

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