‘Embarrassing’ Mom Kate Moss Could Really Use a Makeover, Says Daughter, Lila Grace

Rachel Krause
Getty Images

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Kate Moss may have spent the past two decades defining effortless English cool, but like with every other mother of a 13-year-old girl in history, there’s someone out there who thinks she’s really, really lame.

According to WWD, Moss told the crowd at an event in London last night celebrating her 15th year as the face of Rimmel that daughter, Lila Grace, has been doling out beauty advice in spades. Aggressively.

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“She knows how to curl her lashes now, and she does her brow,” the “annoying,” “embarrassing” mom said of her makeup-obsessed offspring, whose father is Dazed editorial director Jefferson Hack. “She tells me off for not doing it: ‘It’s about the shape of the brow,’ and I’m like, ‘Really?’ She tells me what to do instead of the other way round.” In other words, ask not what you can teach your child about beauty—ask what your child can teach you. (How to get the perfect Instagram brows, mostly.)

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