Kate Moss Hair Stylist Cut Loose


James Brown, a prominent hair stylist in London, just opened his first salon on Wigamore Street. The salon is his third biggest project next to two product lines; his Signature Range and Scandalous. We can’t help but wonder where he’d be without his childhood-buddy-turned-supermodel, Kate Moss.

Growing up together, Kate has collaborated behind-the-scenes with James on many projects, including his product lines. The two grew up in the same circle of friends and were naturally close because of it, as boyfriends and girlfriends faded in and out, their friendship remained. However, with the last endeavor going a bit too far for Kate, she’s severed her hair ties and is holding a permanent grudge against James.

During the taping of E4’s TV documentary on the opening of James’ salon, Kate volunteered to have a small cameo role. We guess James omitted the small part, and turned Kate’s cameo into a starring role.

Much to Kate’s disapproval, the friends are no longer on speaking terms. Click here to watch James dish on his and Kate’s past relationship.