Kate Middleton Named Top Beauty Icon – Who Would You Pick?

Rachel Adler

Kate Middleton has had quite a year. From being watched like a hawk by press for every detail on her hair, skin and teeth straightening methods to well, that little thing called the Royal Wedding, 2011 wasn’t too bad for her.

There has been some discussion over her insistence on doing her own makeup though – but it appears that the decision won over most women. In a poll of 3,000 women done by the London chain Superdrug, Kate was named the Top Beauty Icon of 2011. Her younger sister, Pippa, who may be better known for that butt of hers placed second.

The rest of the list (20 in all) contains mostly brunettes, with the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Emma Watson, Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham rounding out the top 10.

Do you agree with Superdrug’s poll? Let us know who you think 2011’s top beauty icon is in the poll below!

[Daily Mail]

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