News: Kate Middleton’s Guide to Sugar Cravings; Gina Rodriguez’s Edgy New ‘Do

Caitlin S. Miller
kate middleton diet News: Kate Middletons Guide to Sugar Cravings; Gina Rodriguezs Edgy New Do

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It’s not just Kate Middleton‘s flawless locks that’s captured our attention. It’s her athletic physique as well. Lucky for us, we learned a few of her go-to diet tips, including how to curb sugar cravings. [Well+Good]

We’re calling it: Gina Rodriguez just got THE haircut of the summer. Sure it might be for her new movie, but it’s so cool nonetheless. [Brit+Co]

Your BFF Ruby Rose just revealed what made her want to get her first tattoo (which was a tramp stamp FYI) and it’s So. Good. [PopSugar]

Thought you were too old to breakout? Nope, turns out your body and your hormones can still freak the eff out well into your twenties, causing, you guessed it—acne. [Byrdie]

Fiona Stiles, the makeup artist behind the glow of Amber Valettla and Gabrielle Union, is sharing exactly what products she uses every day. Take notes! [STYLECASTER]

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