Kate Hudson’s Anti-Aging Plan

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Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Glamour Magazine

Kate Hudson hasn’t ruled out having plastic surgery in the future.

The stunning actress is known for her natural laid-back look, and while she doesn’t feel the need to go under the surgeon’s knife at the moment she knows her views might change as she gets older.

Kate, 31, said, “If it’s there, I am sure when the time comes I would want to know about it. I don’t have judgments against women who do it. I haven’t come to that point yet, so I haven’t had to think about it. It’s a different time and there are all sorts of things–laser treatments and peels–and I don’t judge a woman for it. Obviously, when they go crazy with it, it’s definitely not attractive, but I think that it’s a personal choice.”

While Kate may consider plastic surgery in the future, she admits she is quite low-maintenance when it comes to her everyday look.

Discussing whether she is low-maintenance or high, Kate said, “I come somewhere in between. Nobody wants to admit it. Of course my brothers would say I am high and my friends would say low. But if you saw me right now, I’m definitely low-maintenance, with chipped polish and hair not brushed. In terms of beauty regimen, I am definitely low maintenance. But in terms of work and laziness, I don’t like when people are lazy. When it comes to work, I am high-maintenance. I expect everybody to show up.”

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