Kate Hudson’s Killer Arm Workout Involves Two Bottles of Rosé

Kate Hudson’s Killer Arm Workout Involves Two Bottles of Rosé
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So long, green juices and protein shakes. Kate Hudson is making a plea for the go-to workout drink to be…rosé. On Friday, the 38-year-old actress posted an Instagram video of her demonstrating an innovative arm workout involving two bottles of rosé. But instead of popping open the bottles to take a mid-workout wine break, Hudson kept them closed and used them as weights for some boozy exercises.

In the video, a bikini-clad Hudson can be seen standing on a workout mat as her trainer, Nicole Stuart, sipping a glass of rosé not too far away, instructs her into arm exercises. Hudson began by lifting the bottles into an overhead press before transitioning to tricep extensions and finishing her workout off with some bicep curls. In the video, Stuart can be seen tweaking Hudson’s form as the actress laughs at their wine-inspired sweat session. “Sometimes you gotta to work for it! 🌸” Hudson captioned the video.

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And though Stuart isn’t suggesting that gyms across America replace their dumbbells with wine bottles (a bottle of rosé weighs about two pounds, so it’s not exactly the most intense workout), she isn’t saying fitness fans should cut wine out of their diet either. “Just because you’re working out doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of rosé—#moderation is the key,” she wrote in the caption of a regram of Hudson’s video.

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This isn’t the first time the Fabletics founder has experimented with unconventional workouts either. The actress has broken a sweat doing everything from pole dancing to using booty belts. And though Hudson kept her bottles of rosé closed during her workout (don’t drink and exercise, everyone!), we’re hoping she cracked them open for a celebratory post-workout drink afterward.