Kate Bosworth Talks All Things Skin Care and Red Hair

Rachel Adler
Kate Bosworth

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In an effort to raise awareness for SK-II’s new Beauty Imaging System, the brand has launched Pop Up Studios in New York City and San Fransisco to provide consumers with more information on their brand and to give complimentary skin consultations with their new system (which can tell you your skin’s age – scary!). Brand spokeswoman and actress Kate Bosworth stopped by the NYC Pop Up the other night to talk about her love for the skin care brand and how she has been addicted to the products ever since her makeup artist introduced her to the legendary masks while working on set of the film “21.”

Bosworth said that the partnership has been a truly organic one – that the brand reached out to her agent initially asking if she used the products, and when she told them she did they then spoke with her about a partnership, clearly wanting someone who already really knew their product. Considering the fact that Bosworth has some of the most lust-worthy skin out there, we needed to know more. Below, are some of Bosworth’s beauty tips and tricks.

Her Skin Care Saviors: 
Bosworth loves all the SK-II products (of course!) but her personal favorites are the cleanser (morning and night) followed by the Facial Treatment Essence (morning and night) and the LXP Serum. If she wants something more hydrating, she’ll use the LXP Cream rather than the serum. Bonus Tip: For flights, Bosworth puts the Essence in a spray bottle and sprays her skin during the flight.

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Where She Gets Her Natural Beauty:
“I’ve never seen my mom in a bright lip actually, she’s very natural, and I think she’s used the same lipsticks for as long as I can remember. She loves nudes, not the same lipsticks but the same brands!” said Bosworth. “What she does do, actually we were talking about this the other day, and I said I get so nervous when she does this still, ever since I was a kid I remember watching this, she separates her lashes with a safety pin. It’s her routine, she’s done it for years – I’m not recommending this by the way!”

Those Envy-Inducing Waves:
When asked how she gets her signature bedhead style, Bosworth basically told us what no one wanted to hear – she wakes up like that. “The way it looks just tousled, when I’m not at an event and just running around, I  just wash it and brush my hair wet and I tug it behind my ears like very flat and let it air dry, and just untuck it and shake it out, I don’t use any products in it and that’s it. Harry Josh is my hairstylist who I love and he has the same trick – I think it’s also if you have straighter hair, if you have very curly hair it’s not going to work,” she said. Apparently celebs are not like us.

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Her Recent Red Hue:
“I loved going red. I’ve always been attracted to that color for hair – it’s a part of my job that  I love so much – becoming someone else a bit. It’s exciting, that whole film, I shot it in NY for this movie called “Still Alice” where I played Julianne Moore’s daughter, and I felt because our character’s were so symbiotic and similar I wanted to have a visual connection for the audience to see them and ultimately immediately feel that type of similarity.”

Bosworth then added, “But I loved the red and I have a really wonderful colorist here in NY named David Adams who is just so gentle with the color and I know there are these horror stories and I’ve had them myself where your hair is just fried after and it’s just heartbreaking because it’s such a part of you. He’s just amazing so he made it this gorgeous color red and I would have kept it but it’s honestly just a hard maintenance, the upkeep of that and I really loved it and if I wasn’t coming and doing different things where I needed to get back to myself I would have just let it wash out and be a cool, pretty washed out red. I would have loved that. But, it’s fun and I’ll probably do it again.”