Uh, Kate Bosworth’s Braided Ponytail is the Coolest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Uh, Kate Bosworth’s Braided Ponytail is the Coolest Thing We’ve Ever Seen
Photo: Getty Images

Kate Bosworth will stay forever emblazoned in our memories as Anne Marie from 2002’s excellent surfer movie, Blue Crush, in which she pretty much only wore her hair wet and wavy. But as it turns out, Bosworth is a real human outside of her movie roll, and the very real Bosworth just hung out at Coachella with the coolest freaking ponytail we’ve seen in quite a while.

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Hairstylist Bridget Brager, the mastermind behind Bosworth’s hair, posted photos of the actress’s braided ponytail on Instagram, with the caption “Desert Darling” and a few cactus emojis. From the front, Bosworth’s hair seems pretty tame—just two tiny braids pulled back into a sleek ponytail. But from behind, that’s where the magic happens.

From behind, Bosworth’s hair is basically a braided masterpiece. Two Dutch braids split into three, which snake down the back of the actress’s head before splitting once again and wrapping around the base of her super-smooth ponytail. It looks crazy intricate (and it is), but if you’re even somewhat good at reverse braiding, you can recreate this look at home. Just make sure hair is totally detangled, first, and have a few clear elastics and a fine-tooth comb handy. Oh, and also be Kate Bosworth—that’s guaranteed to help, too.

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