Kat Von D’s New Dagger Tattoo Liner Is Here to Save Your Crooked Cat Eye

Kat Von D’s New Dagger Tattoo Liner Is Here to Save Your Crooked Cat Eye
Photo: ImaxTree.

Last month marked the beginning of a summer-long eyeliner drop from Kat Von D Beauty. With three products on the docket and the promise of game-changing innovation, our expectations were understandably high. And so far, the brand has not disappointed. First up was the Lash Liner, a fluid-gel formula made specifically for application along the waterline.

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Kat Von D Dagger Liner

Kat Von D Beauty

This week, the second part of the eyeliner trilogy has officially arrived and it’s called Dagger Tattoo Liner. The name is a little scary, but its benefits are anything but. The “dagger” moniker refers to the angle brush tip, cut at a 30 degree edge so you can not only create a more precise line, but avoid dragging it too far out.

Basically, once you place the applicator on the corner of your eye, half the work is done because it instantly creates a small, straight line for you. From there, it’s up to you to extend or leave the line as is.

And if that weren’t enough to entice you, the formula is the same as the OG Tattoo Liner, which means you’re getting waterproof realness for a full 24 hours. For those who consider themselves cat eye pros, the brand recommends applying this on top of the Lash Liner and positioning the applicator with the highest point of the tip facing downward.

Save your pretty pennies–$20 to be exact–and grab this one at Sephora or Kat Von D’s website. In the meantime, we’ll be impatiently waiting for the last liner drop.