Kat Von D is Launching a ‘Saint and Sinner’-Scented Candle Collection

Kat Von D is Launching a ‘Saint and Sinner’-Scented Candle Collection
Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Kat von D Beauty.

We’re never not excited for a Kat Von D Beauty launch and the latest might just be our favorite to date. Yesterday, the tattoo artist and beauty boss announced the long-awaited arrival of a candle collection, aptly titled “Saint and Sinner.”

Those who swear by the makeup brand are already familiar with that moniker, as it’s the same one attributed to her best-selling fragrances.

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The smell-goods were created in collaboration with Biren & Co., a vegan candle company that according to Revelist, is also responsible for a beautifully-decorated station within her tattoo parlor, as well as her wedding reception space.

In addition to candles inscribed with the Kat Von D monogram, there will also be some available in the melted pillar style made popular by Biren & Co and all will be available in white or black packaging.

No word on when the limited edition collection will launch, but as noted in Kat’s Instagram post, we’ll have to keep our eyes on the Kat Von D Beauty page for more details. Fingers crossed that we get to snag a couple of these before Halloween. For now, we’ll be perusing Biren & Co.’s website for other options and stocking up on the Saint and Sinner fragrances.