People Are Boycotting Kat Von D Beauty for an Unexpected Reason

People Are Boycotting Kat Von D Beauty for an Unexpected Reason
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Still in the afterglow of her goth-tastic wedding and “meditative” honeymoon with hubby Leafar Seyer, Kat Von D finds herself in hot water since revealing they don’t plan to vaccinate their unborn child. Yesterday, the pregnant beauty mogul posted a photo of her growing belly to Instagram with a lengthy caption explaining she knew she would be “bombarded with unsolicited advice.” But ultimately, she stated, “This is my body. This is our child. And this is our pregnancy journey.”

However, her choice to “rais[e] a vegan child, without vaccinations,” has people not only outraged for safety reasons, but boycotting and returning their Kat Von D Beauty products. For many, this is a big deal, given Von D’s status in the beauty community. Since launching the namesake brand some years ago, her pigmented lipsticks, eyebrow pencil saviors, ultra-light foundation shades, and dedication to vegan and cruelty-free formulas have garnered her much success. 

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But, now, people would rather create entire dupe lists for her products instead of supporting her brand. Reddit has exploded with notices on how to return products within the 60 day time frame, lists of other beauty moguls who both support and condemn Von D, and multiple threads of reactions— most of them negative. This is what a lot of them look like:

“I’m glad there are only a couple things of hers I have–and they can be easily replaced. I won’t support her brand again.”

“I can’t support anyone who chooses to be anti-vaxx. It’s such a dangerous mentality, for both the child and anyone they interact with.”

“So glad this was posted! I refuse to buy any more of her products even though they are very good, I can’t support her anymore.”

“Nope.. I unfollowed her on all social media and won’t be purchasing anymore of her makeup. Promoting anti-vaxx with her platform is dangerous.”

“Everyone please remember to unlike her Facebook page and unfollow her on Twitter and Instagram (both her personal and makeup accounts)”

“‘This is my body. This is our child.’ Except that being anti-vax doesnt just affect you Kat. You’re putting immunocompromised people and newborns too young to vaccinate at risk for an easily preventable disease.”

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We’re not keen on telling others how to parent their children, but this looks like it’s going to have a major effect on Von D’s business. At the end of the day, can we separate her personal beliefs from the brand?