Kat Graham on Game-Changing Beauty Trends, the Grammys, and More

Victoria Moorhouse


Kat Graham is one of those celebrities that leave us over at Beauty High totally mesmerized. This girl, who you may know from her role as Bonnie on the ‘Vampire Diaries,’ is not only an actress, but a kick-ass dancer and a singer who is coming out with a 90s-inspired single—talk about a triple threat. On top of all that, she’s always one that seems to bring it on the red carpet, constantly surprising us with her look. Being the game-changer that she is, her partnership with Degree for the Grammys, a brand that works to provide you with products that keeps you fresh and on your game, makes total sense.

Degree in and of itself made a game-changing move when they launched their Dry Spray, an antiperspirant in yep, a spray form that applies dry and in a clear formula.

We caught up with Kat to talk about the Grammys, what she has in store for the big night, to get the details on her best beauty tips, and more. Check out what she had to say below.

First things first. How has Degree’s Dry Spray enhanced your beauty routine?
Kat Graham: I started off as a dancer, right? I’m an active person—from being on Vampire Diaries for 10-15 hours to spending all day or all night on a plane. You can always retouch your makeup. You don’t ever want to retouch your deodorant. This sprays on dry for a long-lasting feeling and it’s amazing. I always start with degree, the dry spray, and some lip balm never hurt anyone.

You don’t ever want to reapply it—you don’t want to worry about it!
Especially the women who are all about Degree, we’re all about game-changing and, you know, you just don’t want to have to worry about it. We’re all hardworking women, whether you’re in school or you’re a mom or you’re an actor or you’re a dancer. It’s really for everyone. What’s really cool is that they’re [Degree] having me be a part of this game-changer campaign, leading up into the Grammys and during the Grammys, which is super exciting because we get to look at some game-changing performances. Everybody has those game-changing performances that they go back to and look at during the Grammys that kind of elevated the artists.

Is there something you are looking forward to most about the Grammys?
It’s interesting because I am a music artist and I am coming out with a single on March 10th called “1991.” But I’m going with my Degree family, so we have our eyes peeled for the game-changing performances. We’re doing a really cool dance break, so we’re going to be getting down. We’re ready to be prepared for it to be really hot and exciting and funky in there.

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Speaking of game-changers, is there one beauty trend that you’re really loving or you want to keep going or you’re really embracing yourself?
You know what, I’m not wearing it right now, but I would say a bold lip. I see a lot of it. I saw a lot of it this past winter and this past autumn. I really, really notice that a lot of girls were wearing a really bold lip and it didn’t matter the season. It could have been a really dark color or a really light color, so I’m kind of experimenting with different lip colors.

After all these years dancing and acting, have you learned any really cool beauty tricks?
I just drink a lot of water and for me, having oxygen in my blood and just being able to do that. And you know, it’s important not to eat a lot of sugar. Maybe not too much bread, not too much carbs, but you know, enjoy your life. You know what I mean? I see a lot of girls that are super—they’re not healthy. I love that I am proud to say that I am healthy. There’s so many different kinds of women and so many different shapes and sizes. I am a dancer and I will always be a dancer, no matter if I’m on ‘Vampire Diaries’ or releasing a single. I started off as a dancer, and I will always have a dancer body. I will never have those little skinny model legs that I see all over the magazines. I have muscle. I have tone, you know? It’s important to say, this is who I am, this is my body, and I’m totally fine with it.

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Your Vampire Diaries character, Bonnie, has had some different beauty looks. Do you have a favorite?
I really like the short hair on her. That’s like super fun, and it’s closer to where I am at in my life. I don’t know my favorite beauty look. I really love it when they go to these kind of decade dances, and I get to dress up like 1920s and 1960s. It’s always fun to experiment with the character’s looks. I love changing decades. My whole next project is really based around the 90s and the single is called “1991.” I just really want to kind of take my favorite era and bring it home.

Your complexion is amazing. Do you have any tips for keeping your skin looking good?
Sugar is super hard for me to stay away from. I love sugar and all that, but you know, eating healthy and just kind of keeping away from sugar. Not all the time, but sometimes. It also depends on where you’re from. When I’m in New York, my skin just dries up immediately. And then I went to to Tahiti recently and my skin was totally peely and sunburnt and in LA, I went back to normal. My skin is affected by where I live, so find out where you live. Because wherever you live, it totally might affect your skin. When I’m in Europe, my skin is better than anywhere. I don’t know why.