This Is What Karolína Kurková Really Eats, and How She Works Out

Karolina Kurkova Model

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We’ve heard some pretty wild stories of supermodels and their virtuous diet and exercise regimes in the past (Gisele Bündchen and nightshades, for starters), but Karolína Kurková‘s routine is refreshingly balanced, healthy, and, well, normal—at least by model standards.  The 31-year-old Czech beauty gave us the full story on what she eats in an average day, and how she works outs—and we’re taking notes.

Kurková swears by turmeric—which is widely eaten for its anti-inflammatory properties—and refuses to touch any foods that have been genetically modified. Dinner and lunch are usually low-carb meals consisting of vegetables and protein, and she adds cod liver oil to her smoothies (hello, omega-3 fatty acids!), is SoulCycle-obsessed, and uses coconut oil for everything.

She’s fronted Vogue, walked for brands like Chanel and Christian Dior, spent a stint as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and has nabbed campaigns with Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, and Versace—to name just a handful, and has most recently partnered with Viber to launch the messaging app’s new public chat feature.

Keep scrolling to see what a day in the (uber-healthy) life of a supermodel looks like.

For breakfast I had:
Scrambled eggs with spinach, broccoli, goat cheese, turmeric, and avocado.

For lunch I had:
A delicious fish dip my husband made with green salad, avocado, and buckwheat crackers.

For dinner I had:

Homemade beef stew with vegetables.

Today I snacked on:
Nuts and dried fruits, a Bulletproof chocolate bar, smoothie filled with cod liver oil, coconut milk from Native Forest, Bulletproof collagen protein powder, coconut water, probiotics from Dr. Mercola, half of a frozen banana, maca powder, and half of an avocado.

My favorite smoothie ingredients are:

My son Tobin actually makes a fabulous smoothie! He uses strawberries, blueberries, bananas, almond butter, and coconut milk with chocolate coconut protein powder. Even he says his smoothie is the best, and I do have to say they are always tasty.

The one thing I would never eat is:

Any foods that have been genetically modified.

My all-time favorite workout is:

SoulCycle! [Also] yoga, and dancing when no one is watching.

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The next big health and fitness trend will be:
Bone broth, of course from organic rich in nutrients.

The health trend I just can’t get behind is:
Crash diets. For me, it’s all about creating a balanced nutrition plan tailored to the individual needs of every person.

My favorite healthy restaurant is:
Can’t go wrong with Japanese food!

My favorite healthy snack is:
Everything chocolate and coconut flavored.

Some of the fitness blogs/websites I follow include:

Hmmm, I don’t really follow any. Truth is, I’ve been super lucky to have the opportunity of working with very knowledgeable health and fitness consultants and I also have developed a great sense of what feels good and actually is good for myself and my body.

The three ingredients you’ll always find in my kitchen are:

Coconut oil, Himalayan sea salt, and avocado oil–love my good fats.

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My signature healthy dish is:
My amazing oatmeal, made in a fruit reduction of guava and pineapple, with dried cherries, apples, cinnamon, a few cloves, and a squeeze of orange juice, sprinkled with cacao nibs. I’m serious, it’s soooo good! Pictures [are] on my Instagram.

The social app I couldn’t live without is:
They are all great tools for different things. For example: for news, Twitter; for fashion industry updates and trends, Instagram; to keep up with friends and family all around the world, I love Facebook; and Viber to talk to my parents overseas for free for hours, that won’t break anyone’s bank.

The top song on my workout playlist right now is:
“Another Lonely Night” by Adam Lambert.

The best part of my job is:
I love the challenge of transforming into a different character for every project; there are so many facets to my personality, and I really enjoy bringing them out to play!

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I start an average day by:
I open my eyes, and the first thing I feel is gratitude for another day, joy and love for having my boys around me. I play some good music to get going, and of course, a good cup off Bulletproof coffee or hot water with lemon or hibiscus/strawberry tea just depending how healthy I want to be each morning and what I’m in the mood for. After my son Tobin is off to school, I manage between feeding and stimulating Noah (two months old), and working on my personal and professional projects from my home office.

My favorite activewear brands are:
Teeki, Onzie, for fun Zara Terez, and any Brazilian workout line to highlight the good and hide the not so perfect.

The one thing people don’t know about me is:

I am incredibly disciplined and organized; that’s my secret to living a balanced life between family and work!

My winter health tip is:
Nourish yourself, give your body nutrient-rich foods, don’t be afraid of good fat, and boost your immune system to start a great 2016. Also find time to meditate a little and connect with nature.