The Exact 3 Workouts That Keep Karlie Kloss in Shape

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We’ve read too many interviews with models who say they “hardly work out” or just “drink lots of water” to maintain their flawless good looks. And sure, genetics play a deciding role in who gets to walk on a Victoria’s Secret runway and the rest of us who just walk to the subway for our 9-to-5 jobs, but you just know that these women must be saying no to extra fries and clocking serious hours at the gym too.

So, to find out just what the rich and beautiful do to stay, well, rich and beautiful, we asked Karlie Kloss to share her exact workouts from last week and to give us a little insight into her diet. In addition to dominating the high-fashion space for a decade, Kloss has just been appointed a Swarovski brand ambassador—a top-tier gig also held by Miranda KerrHere, the supermodel shares with us the exact three workouts she sticks to every week. 

Go-to meals: I usually start my day with an egg-white omelet with avocado and Tabasco sauce and coffee with almond milk. Lunch is protein and vegetables or a Sweetgreen salad. Dinner is a lean protein like fish with greens and vegetables. For snacks, I always carry almonds, apples, and an oatmeal pack. and I also love anything with dark chocolate.

Workout goals: Increase my strength and flexibility.

Weekly workouts: I try to work out around four times a week. When I’m traveling or can’t get to the gym, I try to stay active as much as possible.

Diet mantra: I don’t follow a specific diet. Instead, I try to eat as healthy as possible and choose foods that make me feel great. I try to stick to lean proteins and vegetables with healthy snacks in between.

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Favorite fitness classes: I’ve been loving group fitness classes, [and] I’m really into AKT—I love using my skills from dance in a high-intensity workout. It’s a ton of fun, and I always leave feeling rejuvenated.

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Monday: AKT Progressive Happy Hour class
What I did: 90 minutes in the morning taking an AKT Progressive Happy Hour class that focused on cardio and strength intervals.
How I felt: Energized and limber. I love dancing, so I always look forward to AKT.
What I listened to: The class had a killer playlist. It had everything from Beyoncé and Rihanna to some throwbacks!

Tuesday: A long run and ab workout
What I did: Went for a long run outside and finished with ab exercises in the park by my house, [which took] 60 minutes. [I worked out in the] early morning—I had a very busy day!
How I felt: Great! I always feel strong after going on a run. I had a full day of work, so I woke up a few minutes earlier to give myself enough time to work out.
I listened to: I like to mix it up between current and throwback songs. Anything that’s upbeat and gets my energy going. [I usually listen to] Beyoncé anything, Rihanna, Drake, Bruno Mars, and the XX.

Wednesday: Pilates
What I did: I took a 60-minute Pilates class that focused on core and upper body in the evening.
How I felt: Relaxed and rejuvenated. I was a bit tired after a long day at work, but going to the class was worth it.