How Karlie Kloss’s Makeup Artist Gets Her Red Lipstick to Last

How Karlie Kloss’s Makeup Artist Gets Her Red Lipstick to Last
Photo: Getty Images

The scroll is real on Halloween. Each year, we spend more time than we should swiping through Instagram and gawking at the incredible celebrity makeovers. And who could blame us? It’s hard to pull our eyes away from their expert-level transformations.

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One celeb we had to double tap this time around was Karlie Kloss, who imitated the late, great Marilyn Monroe at the Naked Heart Foundation’s Fabulous Fund Fair. Not only did Kloss have the perfect blonde tousle, but her makeup was on point, too, thanks to beauty genius Patrick Ta.

Ta told Stylish all about the transformation, and revealed a hack that will make beauty lovers around the world rejoice—applying powder around the mouth. He said using lip liner to stop lipstick from bleeding is standard, but adding a little powder around your kissers locks in pigment even more. The technique is actually backed by science; powder counteracts oils, which means your lips won’t moisten as quickly.

Thankfully, this beauty trick and treat will be useful long after the ghosts and goblins retreat back into our basement storage.