Karlie Kloss Naked in Allure: Is She Too Young?

Rachel Adler

Pictures are flying across the internet as we speak of Karlie Kloss posing topless for Mario Testino‘s lens in the October issue of Allure magazine. The stunning model is featured showing off navy nail polish, killer bangs and lots and LOTS of skin.

Testino obviously has a past of shooting risque photographs (really, how many times has he shot Kate Moss in the buff?) but many people on the forum The Fashion Spot have voiced their opinion about Kloss being too young — as she is still just 19.

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When we’re talking about something such as a beauty editorial where the focus is supposed to be on the nails, hair or makeup, do you think it’s necessary for such a risque shot? Or do you think the baring-of-the-boobs actually takes away from the story?

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