Emotional Kanye West Nail Decals? Found ‘Em!

I’ve been ooh-ing and ahh-ing at over-the-top nail art for years, but time and money have stopped me from indulging in the trend myself (case in point: The nail art designers The Blonds used during New York Fashion Week were made from real crocodile skin and took 600 hours to create.)

Thankfully, the killer resurgence of ’90s born nail decals  has given me the opportunity to experience wild and crazy nail art without having to commit to sky-high prices and hours at a salon. These waterslick styles work similar to a temporary tattoo, allowing you to deck out your nails with marble prints or 3D designs in a matter of minutes for a couple of bucks. 

It was only a matter of time before I dug into these myself, and stumbled upon—wait for it—emotional Kanye West nail decals. 


Image: BFA

The world of nail decals is a vast one — on Etsy alone you’ll pull up nearly 16,000 results, so it works best if you have an idea in mind.  Generally I knew I was looking for something pop culture related, but a little store called Kawaii Nail Kandy gave me something I didn’t even know I wanted: Kanye West faces.

For a mere $6 I could get Kanye smiling, Kanye mad, and Kanye skeptical all in different sizes to fit my varying nail beds. I could feel the 2020 presidential pride as I typed in my order. I also picked up a pack of Sriracha hot sauce decals, Taco Bell taco decals, and a variety pack of emojis.

kanye nail decals

Image: Kawaii Nail Kandy

The tiny package arrived a few days later, and immediately I took a pair of scissors and cut out a happy Kanye head, medium size for my ring finger.  I peeled off the plastic top, pressed the sticky surface to my nail and soaked it with water, just like I would a temporary tattoo.  A few seconds later the image transferred and the paper slid right off.  My Kanye nail was complete! And it was magical. 

Sam Lim Kanye Nail

Image: Michael Stewart

Even better: My Kanye nail lasted the entirety of NYFW, and even stayed on longer than my manicure underneath.  Chipped polish led us to our goodbye, and I wiped Kanye off with a few strokes of regular polish remover. In the end, I highly recommend the decals from Kawaii Nail Candy — they’re affordable, adorable, and the easiest way to get showstopping nails at home.

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