Kacey Musgraves Has Light Hair Now and Is No Longer Katy Perry’s Twin

Elizabeth Denton
Kacey Musgraves Has Light Hair Now and Is No Longer Katy Perry’s Twin
Photo: AP.

Ever since Kacey Musgraves burst onto the scene with her album Movin’ On in 2002, she’s had a signature look of almost-black, ultra-long hair and a femme modern country style. She’s been described as the “country Katy Perry.” But she’s officially shed that image. Musgraves debuted a light hair color on her Instagram stories that makes her look shockingly different. It’s just a few shades lighter with some light brown and caramel highlights but it still has a major impact.

Musgraves credited her “mane man” Nashville-based colorist Giovanni Delgado for the new hue. Delgado is responsible for many (or all!) of the singer-songwriter’s changing looks, from her long bangs to her platinum Barbie wig at last year’s the Met Gala. Apparently, Delgado also gave her a cut but with locks that long, it’s hard to tell except for some long layers. Plus, her bangs are growing in and now fall around her chin giving the whole look a cool ’70s vibe.



You can really see the caramel highlights when Musgraves’ took some selfies in her car. (Why does the car always have the best lighting?)

These photos make it appear like she even lightened up her brows. Her makeup is softer, too. Though she’s been laying low during these safer-at-home orders (as we all should be doing!), her fashion style has been changing a bit, as well. It’s becoming even less country and a bit more “modern pop star.” Does this mean she has new music in the works? Maybe a new TV project? We’ll be watching.