I Tried Jonathan Van Ness’s Haircare Line & Can Hardly Believe What Happened

I Tried Jonathan Van Ness’s Haircare Line & Can Hardly Believe What Happened
Photo: Courtesy of JVN.

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There’s nothing better than silky, shiny and smooth hair. The look and feel of shimmering strands builds confidence, leaves you feeling ready to take on the day and helps you exude the inner radiance you have. So, as someone who loves to experiment with hair products, I was over the moon when I saw that Jonathan Van Ness was adding shine drops to their hair line. 

I have a love/hate relationship with hair oil because on my locks, it either doesn’t work at all or makes my hair look so greasy, like *gross.* However, after meeting JVN and hearing about the shine drops in-person, I knew I had to try them. My thoughts? I was blown away. My hair looked like the supremely nourished and hydrated kind you see in conditioner commercials, and I hardly had to put in any effort to achieve this glow. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever leave my house again without some of these drops. That’s how jaw-dropping the results are. 

From application to final result, keep on reading to find out how I achieved these shiny locks in minutes. 

JVN Casey

Courtesy of Casey Clark.

Prepping My Hair For JVN Shine Drops 

To prep my hair for the shine drops, I washed and conditioned using JVN’s Embody Daily Volumizing Shampoo and Embody Daily Volumizing Conditioner. I can’t forget to mention that the entire JVN collection is made with hemisqualane including the shine drops. If you aren’t sure what that is, you’re not alone. I didn’t either at first. According to JVN’s website, Hemisqualane penetrates the hair shaft, providing weightless nourishment that helps hair’s manageability while reducing frizz and preserving color.” So, basically its purpose is to make your hair bouncy, voluminous and glossy. 

Embody Daily Volumizing Shampoo

Courtesy of JVN.

Embody Daily Volumizing Shampoo

Compared to other shampoo/conditioner sets I’ve used, I have definitely noticed a difference in the appearance and health of my hair. Not only does less fall out in the shower, but it’s smoother and less filmy. Plus, it dries way quicker. As someone with a thick head of hair, normally it would take my hair ALL DAY to air dry, but after using these products my hair is completely dry in just a few hours (3-4 at most). 

Shoppers’ Reviews

Complete Nourishing Hair Oil Shine Drops

Complete Nourishing Hair Oil Shine Drops

One look online and it’s evident that these shine drops are beloved. The product has close to 13,000 hearts on Sephora and a near-perfect 4.9 star rating. Shoppers credit it for completely transforming their locks. 

I love this product so much, it delivers a weightless healthy glow and shine in the best way possible,” wrote one reviewer. “It also helps tame my frizz. A little goes a long way but if you tend to be heavy handed like me that’s okay, too!” 

You don’t have to have virgin hair to notice the results, either. Shoppers with dyed locks say they experience some great results.

“These shine drops are so silky, weightless and provide ample amount of shine to my dry, bleach-blonde hair,” wrote another fan of the drops. “I can live without the smell, but it is very light. I give this product five JVN hair flips any day!!”

The Results 

Now, back my personal experience with the shine drops. After I blowdried my cleansed and conditioned hair, I followed the directions on the bottle and put three drops onto the palm of my hand from the mid section to the ends. I slowly worked my hands from top to bottom until there was no product left on my hands. As someone with thick hair, I found I needed a bit more product, so I added a few more drops. That’s when I started to see the results.

I looked in the mirror and the light beamed off of my hair. This was noticeable to other members of my family and in photos (like the one posted below). I loved how there was shine, but it didn’t look slick and greasy. My hair didn’t feel weighed down by the product and it had a lovely scent of sparkling grapefruit and tangerine. 

JVN Hair Results

Courtesy of Casey Clark.

Overall Thoughts

After using JVN’s Complete Nourishing Shine Drops for a few weeks, I can wholeheartedly say I won’t be using any other brand. It was just the perfect amount of shine without excess grease. I found that a little bit of product went a long way, so I expect my bottle to last me a while which is always a bonus. Plus, at a price point of $22, you’re going to get your money’s worth while benefiting from JVN’s high-quality ingredients and formula. I’d recommend trying these drops next time you’re headed for a night out or just feel like looking absolutely stunning. 

Plus, when you order right now on Sephora using code FREESHIP, you will get free standard shipping. As JVN says, “Can you believe?”