Justin Bieber’s Someday Crushes Sales, Tweezerman x Harajuku

Rachel Adler

Here’s what’s going on in the beauty world to take you into your weekend:

Justin Bieber’s sales for his Someday fragrance shatters records in its first month and is being called the most successful fragrance launch in HISTORY. (WWD)

Tweezerman signs a deal with Harajuku Lovers to guarantee that your tweezers will remain chic. (WWD)

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Occasionally the summer heat just causes us to want to look effortlessly gorgeous, with seriously no effort. Enter the Lazy’s Girl Guide To Gorgeous. (Refinery29)

Mark Townsend styled Ashley Olsen’s hair sleek and straight for their Row bag launch the other night, with the help of some nourishing oil. (Beauty Counter Blog)

The FDA released new guidelines for acne medications, which don’t actually change anything, but just reassure us that the medications we use are safe, and set more specific instructions. (Allure)

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