Fans Think Jungkook Looks “So Fresh” and “Mature” With His New Haircut

Elizabeth Denton
Fans Think Jungkook Looks “So Fresh” and “Mature” With His New Haircut
Photo: Shutterstock.

He’s done it again, folks. Jungkook’s short haircut has Twitter all aflutter, as the BTS singer showed off his new ‘do. The band has a collaboration with Bodyfriend, a brand of massage chairs, and they’ve been doing cute videos for promotion. The newest one features RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook feeling stressed and sore working at the computer until they hit that massage chair for relief. All the boys look amazing, of course, but Jungkook’s shorter hair caught the eyes of eagle-eyed fans who follow his every move.

As Elite Daily reports, BTS fans took to Twitter to chat about another one of Jungkook’s hair changes. In the past, they’ve been upset when their favorite BTS member chopped off his gorgeous locks, wondering how he could ever touch that perfect head of hair. But this time, it seems everyone is on board with Jungkook’s hair, as fans tweeted he looks “so fresh and manly,” “mature,” and “like a Korean actor.” Jungkook is growing up!

One fan did an incredible job comparing Jungkook’s short hair to his long hair over the years.

Some were shook they didn’t even recognize him at first.

Overall, everyone seems to love it. Jungkook (or Jungkook’s hairstylist), you nailed it.

He doesn’t have “fluffy” boy band hair anymore but instead, is like a leading man in the next big Korean movie.

Watch the video below to see Jungkook’s new ‘do in all its glory. You better check it out now because who knows how long he’ll keep it before he changes it up on us again.

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