Julianne Hough’s Secret To A Grown-Up Heidi Braid

Julianne Hough braid Elle's Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration

How gorgeous is this braid along her hairline?
Photo: Getty Images

Julianne Hough has redeemed herself in our eyes after her “stiff” ‘do at the Emmys. Last night at the 19th Annual Elle Women In Hollywood Celebration, she worked this textured braid updo that had us mesmerized this morning in the office. This might look like a simple Heidi braid, but it’s not quite. Just take a look at it from the side.

Julianne Hough Elle Red Carpet Heidi Braid

Side view of Julianne’s gorgeous braid updo.
Photo: Getty Images

Not only is Julianne’s version a Dutch braid (braided inside out), but it seems to have some twisting going on as well. And what particularly grabbed us is the way that it blends perfectly into a bun in the back. So is this the secret to making a Heidi braid work for adults? Braid along the hairline to just behind the ear and pull into a messy bun. It’s a much subtler version because the hair isn’t braided around the entire head.

Are you as mesmerized by this braid as we are?