The Winter Skin Moisturizer That Won’t Leave You Shiny

Caitlin S. Miller
julep facial milk

Photo: Julep

It’s a rare occurrence when a beauty product stays on my vanity for more than a week. It’s not because I’m a product horse and magically go through an entire bottle of cleansing oil in five days, but rather it’s because I’m so fickle with my routine. Yes, it’s in my job title to test out beauty products, but it’s simply in my DNA to change my entire routine or mix and match products on a whim. Although this is great for testing products, it’s not so great for finishing products—hence the graveyard of half-used lotions and potions filling up my cabinets. But ever since Julep’s What Your Skin Needs Restorative Facial Milk ($28, has entered my life, I’ve changed my cheating ways. Dare I say it? We’re exclusive.

What is it about this milky formula that has reformed my capricious tendencies, you might ask? For one thing, I was intrigued by a facial milk—especially one from a nail care brand. I’m more of a traditional oil gal, myself. (Perhaps a moisturizer or gel if I’m feeling super crazy.) So I couldn’t resist the shot to try a facial milk. Instantly, I was hooked. The texture is a bit heavier than actual milk but much runnier than a cream or gel—and yet just as hydrating. Upon application, the product melts into a rich oil-like texture that’s perfect for nourishing winter skin.

Infused with olive, jojoba, argan, coconut, and squalane oils, this is one seriously hydrating cocktail. But unlike a gel or cream formula (or even oil, for that matter), the milk doesn’t leave your face overly shiny and sticky—a huge pet peeve of mine. (No one likes to go to bed sticky, or worse, go into work sticky.) I’ve even started using this product for, dare I say it, both my morning and night moisturizer because I know it won’t add extra shine to my combination skin. Plus, thanks to the MicroSperse Technology—a cold-pressed process that retains the ingredients’ maximum benefits sans fillers or chemical emulsifiers—I feel comforted knowing I’m actually doing something good for my skin.

To say I’m a reformed skin care hoarder would be a bit dramatic, but it is safe to say that Julep’s delicious facial milk is one half-empty product that’s well on its way to scraping the bottom.

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