Get That Perfect Beachy Wave From Juicy’s FW 2012 Show

Rachel Adler

Effortless, beachy, textured waves are exactly what every girl wants to learn how to do at some point in their lives — some of us master the look, and others attempt it (resulting in lackluster crimps or weirdly scrunched locks). At the Juicy Couture Fall/Winter 2012 show, hairstylist Duffy styled the model’s hair into the exact picture-perfect “London grunge” wave that had a mix of beach texture and downtown feel, and in the video above (shot while backstage of course) he explained exactly how to get the look.

Duffy worked a thickening spray through the hair to dry the hair out and then rough dried the hair with a blow dryer. Then, with a curling iron he curled the roots and mid-lengths of the hair clockwise and the lengths and ends anti-clockwise and left the ends out of the iron to create that beachy texture. Then of course, to finish the look he ran his hands through the hair to really break up those curls and texture. Easy enough? Try it yourself and let us know how it goes in the comments section below!


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