News: Jourdan Dunn’s Skin Care Routine; Country Music Stars’ Red Carpet Go Tos

Leah Faye Cooper
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Photo: Samir Hussein / Getty Images

Jourdan Dunn took to Instagram to share her AM and PM skin care routines. You have some homework to do. [Byrdie]

Hairspray…surf mousse…mouthwash. These are the red carpet go tos country music stars (Dolly Parton included!) swear by. [Allure]

How far are you willing to go for beauty? Because Gwyneth Paltrow has subjected herself to getting stung by bees. [NY Times]

Putting breast milk on your face could be the ticket to great skin. An editor who tried it explains why. [STYLECASTER]

See the beauty evolution of women in the workplace from 1925 to 2015. Oprah’s 1987 hair? Everything. [Marie Claire]

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