The Hilarious, Yet Refreshing Beauty Advice Under Jordyn Woods’s Makeup-Free Selfie

The Hilarious, Yet Refreshing Beauty Advice Under Jordyn Woods’s Makeup-Free Selfie
Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions.

Jordyn Woods just put us in our place. What began as a gorgeous, fresh-faced selfie, turned into a full-on intervention in the caption as she dropped simple, yet completely essential words of wisdom regarding skincare and self-care. And in true Woods fashion, she did it all while looking flawless.

Her first tip for glowing skin is to “maintain healthy relationships (cut em off it they’re not acting right),” and if you’ve heard this one thousand times from your friends, then maybe Jordyn Woods can be the one to get through to you! Grab those scissors and start cutting out the toxicity.

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Next, she highlights hydration, writing, “stay hydrated internally and externally (drink more water and don’t be ashy).” It’s debated whether you need eight glasses of water per day, but there’s no harm in trying. And for goodness sake, moisturize! There are more than enough products out there to make it happen.

As the largest organ on your body, skin deserves more than a little respect. Plus, Woods is literally glowing in this photo. What more convincing do you need?

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And if that weren’t enough, she also says to “give your skin time to breathe” and “don’t sleep in your makeup.” Wearing makeup is great, but maybe cut back at the gym, beach and especially when you sleep. We’ve all been there. You get home from a long day or a night out and want to pass out, but do yourself a favor and just wipe it all off. Makeup wipes are so fast and easy to use–they were practically made for quick, pre-bed skincare.

Her next-to-last tip is, “limit dairy products,” which may be one of the hardest to follow through with. But like body lotion for dry skin, there are just as many milk alternatives for your coffee and smoothies.

Finally, Woods tells us to “exfoliate (don’t be crusty) ‼️😂♥️.” Regular exfoliation unclog pores, prevents acne and helps other products absorb more deeply, evens out skin tone, boosts circulation and increases cell turnover. And there you have it–beauty advice that’s actually attainable.