Why Jordyn Woods Closed Her Gap After Saying She Wouldn’t

Andrea Jordan
Why Jordyn Woods Closed Her Gap After Saying She Wouldn’t
Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SECNDNTURE.

Fans are on the fence after Jordyn Woods decided to alter one of her most recognizable features. Over the past few years, Woods has built her brand on being a beauty guru and body-positive activist who isn’t afraid to go against the grain of Hollywood standards. Which left fans puzzled when the Insta-famous star decided to close the gap between her two front teeth in late 2018.

Before you decide which side of the bandwagon you’re on, here’s the scoop on why fans are shocked by this major transformation. Back in 2017, Woods–who is currently embroiled in some major drama— wrote under an Instagram post, “Often people have the nerve to say ‘fix your teeth.’ For your information, no I will not fix my gap to blend in with the rest of society! My gap makes me who I am.” In other words, back off trolls.

Fast forward a year and Woods showcased another selfie, but this time she has a new set of pearly whites and the gap was no more. This major change left fans wondering why she would toss away the signature feature that made her…well, Jordyn Woods. While it’s easy to make assumptions about the 21-year-old’s transformation, we have to be adult-enough to remember there are two sides to every story. And her side is most important to hear before jumping to conclusions.

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Woods made it clear that her decision to close the gap didn’t stem from insecurity. “I never disliked my smile or anything—I wanted to try something new and I found the doctor I trusted,” Woods said. “It may take a second for people to get used to it, but life is about evolving. I wouldn’t say it’s better or anything—it’s just the new version of me.” Preach, sister.

The model and designer also revealed that she tried to close the gap using Invisalign, but after no success, she sought professional help to re-engineer her smile. And she doesn’t regret it one bit. “I feel like I smile a lot more,” she says about her new smile. And if she’s happy with how she looks, how dare anyone step out of place and criticize her decision to make a change?

The man responsible for her new smile is LA-based dentist Dr. Kam Kamangar, who did a total smile makeover for Woods with the addition of veneers. Dr. Kamanger has since taken to Instagram to showcase the entire process of Woods’ makeover and is partnering with the model to give away a free smile transformation to a fan (which will be announced on March 1).

Long story short, it’s never safe to assume why someone takes the plunge. And even if we loved her signature gap, we’re standing behind Woods’ decision to be the best version of herself, despite the opinions of others.