Talking Beauty With Jordana Brewster (And Her Mom!)

Alle Connell

Jordana Brewster has long been our favorite part of the Fast and Furious movies. Those stunts! That hair! Those brows! So when we were invited to sit down and talk skincare and beauty with the Ponds ambassador, we were all over it.

In person, Jordana is lovely: warm, genuine and gorgeous. If you’ve ever wondered how one person could be so impossibly beautiful, well, let us introduce you to her mother, Maria João.

jordana brewster Maria João

Mother and daughter, Maria João and Jordana Brewster. Image via Ponds.


Maria, a former model, has been Jordana’s beauty inspiration for as long as she can remember. “I idolized her when I was growing up,” said Jordana. “I saw how important things like caring for her skin, staying out of the sun and drinking enough water were to her. She was an excellent beauty role model.”

So when Jordana’s complexion began to suffer on the set of Furious 7, she naturally turned to her gorgeous mom for advice. “My skin was looking a little sallow, so I asked my mom what her secret weapon was. And when she told me that she used Ponds Rejuvenesse, which totally made sense. It has all these yummy, delicious ingredients, and in two weeks I saw the difference in my skin. So that’s been a really good change!”

And the best part? Partnering up with the brand was totally natural. “Ponds has always had a very special place in my life,” Jordana told us. “I remember when I was little, I wanted to be grown-up just like my mom. I would look up at her vanity, and there always was this big cold cream jar from Ponds…and once I grabbed it and smeared it all over my face! So I always equate Ponds with being glamorous, grown-up and beautiful like my mom.”

jordana brewster and mom ponds

Jordana and Maria. Image via Ponds.



And Maria IS beautiful, so we couldn’t help but ask her for some of her beauty secrets. “Good posture,” she told us (immediately prompting us to stand up straighter). “I also like a strong eye, and then I wear my glasses. I feel very comfortable—and very confident—in glasses.”

Jordana also told us some of her beauty essentials. “Obviously having great skin is the basis of everything else, which is something my mom really emphasized,” she said. “And then Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat ($42) under my eyes, Georgio Armani mascara ($32) and everything Charlotte Tilbury. She makes the best makeup!”

“I also love cream blush,” she said. “A little color wakes up my whole face.”

“And I don’t like cream blush,” Maria interjected. “I can’t figure it out, I put it on and I look like a clown!”

Now a mom herself, what’s the best beauty advice that Jordana has ever gotten from her mother? “She’s always led by example. The way she carries herself and takes care of herself so well, I think I picked that up from her.”

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