The Oil Jonathan Van Ness Swears By for Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

The Oil Jonathan Van Ness Swears By for Staying Cool in the Summer Heat
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It’s 10 AM, and you’re running approximately one hour behind schedule because you decided to blow dry your hairthis morning. You reluctantly power walk past your neighborhood Starbucks in favor of making the 10:01 train to work, when a sudden breeze reveals that your greatest fear has come to life: you have upper-back sweat.

Blame the curling iron, the 30-pound purse you’re carrying, or global warming. No matter what, you feel disgusting, and now you have to sit at your desk for hours on end, knowing that nobody in the office cares what you look like anyway.

Sound familiar? Maybe to you, but not to Queer Eye hairdresser-to-the-gods Jonathan Van Ness, who has a small, but effective hack for beating the summer heat.

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According to him, there’s a simple way to keep your body temperature low while you’re using a blow dryer, even in the summer. His all-natural (plus inexpensive, and cruelty-free) solution? Peppermint oil.

In an interview with the Today Show, he shared that applying a few drops of peppermint oil to the back of your neck pre-blow dry ensures that you don’t break a sweat. Plus, it works its magic for up to an hour at a time!

“It will keep you cool like little wintergreen fairies are blowing on the back of your neck for like an hour,” he said, before name-dropping Aveda’s Cooling Balancing Oil Concentrate Rollerball as an “amazing” option.

STYLECASTER | aveda cooling balancing oil concentrate


While Aveda’s rollerball wasn’t invented to be used as a hair product, we all know that the best hacks are serendipitous. We’re going to assume that the people who left one and two-star reviews on this intended muscle therapy treatment didn’t use it in the JVN-approved manner.

We don’t know about you, but we’ll be adding this to our carts ASAP. In the true spirit of a JVN fan, we leave you with some final words to seal the deal: Mommy hates to break a sweat.

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