How Jonathan Van Ness Accentuates His Freckles With Color-Correcting Primer

Jonathan Van Ness
Photo: Photo: Bryan Bedder/Stringer For Entertainment/Getty Images.

Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness—or as we like to call him, our leader—has spoken. And what did he say, you might ask? Oh, nothing. Just that freckles are majorly in right now, and he holds the key that will undoubtedly unlock all your freckliest, wildest dreams.

That’s all.

Van Ness (the only human on earth who is obviously trustworthy, despite his handlebar mustache) recently dished on the makeup secret he’s been so selfishly keeping from us for all these years. But, since he can do no wrong, we waited. And good things come to those who wait.

Turns out, in order to even out his skin tone while simultaneously accentuating his freckles, he ditches the concealer and foundation for none other than a color-correcting primer. (*Cue mind explosion*) “I’m going to smize through this color correcting primer so hard. Why color correcting primer instead of foundation? Freckles, mommy loves to keep a freckle,” he wrote on his Instagram.

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If you’re interested in showcasing your freckles this summer, or just don’t want to clog up your pores with a bunch of cakey foundation, this is your next money move. Shop JVN’s beat online or in makeup retail locations near you.

screen shot 2018 06 27 at 5 16 07 pm How Jonathan Van Ness Accentuates His Freckles With Color Correcting Primer

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