John Galliano 2010: Launching New Signature Fragrance

Rachel Adler

After a two-year hiatus, John Galliano is reentering the beauty market with the launch of his second scent, a women’s eau de toilette. The fragrance will become available in France, the U.K., and other European cities in April, and will make its way to the states in spring 2011.

According to WWD, the scent was created by Givaudan perfumer Aurelien Guichard. Guichard had a hand in mixing the original John Galliano scent, which is an eau de parfum. With the new scent, he aimed to make a more youthful and casual fragrance. Key elements of the eau de parfum were maintained, such as the use of iris, but musk notes were increased, while woodiness was decreased for the eau de toilette.

The new bottle also reflects this youthfulness with a more transparent design and lighter color than the original.

The 40 ml. bottle will sell for about $70.50 and the 60-ml. will go for around $89.50.

Unfortunately for those of us stateside, the launch is a bit far off, but we’ll find a way to snag a bottle somehow.

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