John Frieda’s Rules for Discovering Your Best Hair


Last week, we had the honor of meeting the experts at John Frieda who showed us first hand how to style our tresses to perfection. After the demonstrations were over, we got a chance to catch up with the man himself who started the hair empire and the battle against frizz. We were on the quest for achieving the perfect locks, but Frieda quickly told us that it was almost impossible to say because of the endless possibilities of styles and textures unique to each person. However, he did share with us two very important tidbits of advice that every woman should follow when styling her hair.


So what are the most important things to do when deciding on a hair style?

Rule #1: Understand Your Face Shape

“By far the most important thing about anybody’s hair is understanding their face shape–that’s key,” says Frieda. “Most people don’t really look at their face shape when they come to choose a style or understand how to wear their hair. That’s really the most important thing. So really look at your hair. Look at your face. Look at your face without your hair. Take your hair off your face and actually look at two mirrors and really try to understand what suits you.”

Rule #2: Live by products!

“It is so important to find and use products that specifically work for you,” says Frieda. “I can tell you that any professional, any hair dresser will not blowdry somebody’s hair without using styling products–you can’t get the right effect. You need products, and you need products that are right for you. Research, look, try things, use them in the correct way, and you’ll start to understand your own regime.”

If you’re not sure about your face shape, take DailyMakeover’s face shape quiz to get started.