Joey Maalouf’s Beauty By Zodiac

Summer K

Want to turn a drab crab into a 4th of July firecracker? Or perhaps you’re ready take the bull by the horns and transform those oh-so-stubborn locks into a wavy mane even a Leo, err, lion would envy? It’s celebrity hair and make-up artist Joey Maalouf to the rescue! Each month, our favorite beauty expert, reality TV star AND astrologer-in-training will be popping into the StyleCaster offices to pen his very own column. Expect lots of helpful beauty advice, pretty pics of his friends and great how-tos for those of you that need a little extra help with your “sign” language.

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(Hey Virgos, the only drama you should invest in this month is a red-hot pucker!)

January 2012

ARIES– If you’ve been thinking about making a radical change to your hair or makeup routine do a little more research before you commit. You’ll have a lot going on in your work sector as it is, so don’t stress yourself out over a new look. Mars in your 6th house of Routine on January 23rd will turn retrograde. So this New Year don’t be out with the old before you take time to embrace the N-E-W.

TAURUS– You enter the New Year with many twists and turns, but don’t settle for less than perfection. The recognition you are looking for is within a hand’s reach, just be sure you have the knowledge to execute the operation. Spend an extra five minutes perfecting your eyeliner; when you look good you’ll have more energy to put towards the most crucial things on your list. By mid-month you’ll be feeling seductive and mysterious while working out all the fine details.

GEMINI– “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always go where you’ve always gone.” Don’t be disappointed in yourself if you feel stuck — it’s okay not to change, just embrace where you are. You’re great at trusting your intuition, so if you think a new blush color will give you the strength you need to get through your ruts, GO FOR IT. You’ll find what makes you happy when you realize you’re happy.

CANCER– Enter this month being very clear about what you want from both your personal and professional relationships. As the Sun will be in your 7th house of Partners, you’ll need every inch of your strength. (I suggest you lay in a warm bath scented in lavender and give yourself a moment to hear your own thoughts and regain your strength.)

LEO– As you always say “less is more,” but do you really mean that? Entering the New Year you will be challenged as you try to micromanage your money. You of all people never let anything stand in your way of being beautiful, so why hold back now? Get your routine facials and go ahead and buy that $30 mascara! Besides, your confidence is your power source — don’t dull it down as you obsess over your savings account.

VIRGO– The amount of drama that comes out of your mouth should be dressed in a lip color to match — a deep fiery red to be exact. The heated conversations will be unpretty, so you might as well dress up for the occasion. Mid-month when things simmer down, romance will be in the air for your enjoyment. Get ready for a touch of sweetness as your babe will have something exciting in store for you.

LIBRA– You’re entering the New Year with new eyes, as the end of 2011 guided you to think more realistically. Working hard for what you desire is a great way to live — just be careful not to add more to your workload. Love will be on your mind all month long, just don’t allow it to blur your realistic vision. Give a little and it will go a long way. Use the rest of your energy to perfect your work-out routine and eating habits. After all, feeling beautiful makes you shine.

SCORPIO– Be on top of your game this month, as there will be LOTS of exciting things in store for you if you’re paying attention. Wake up 10 minutes early to ensure you look desirable. You’ll be feeling great and getting what you want with very little effort. Be seamless and have clear judgment, but open up enough to allow someone new into your life — they may turn out to be the one you’ve been looking for.

SAGITTARIUS– You’ve come a long way compared to the past few years, so give yourself a major pat on the back. Now, in order to keep this amazingness that you’ve worked so hard to get, you need to create a routine. Especially when it comes to your skin. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see results right away; simple things take the most time to perfect.

CAPRICORN– Can you find a way to let go a little? All you need is to express yourself as the bigger pieces of your life fall into place. You’re working your ass off — just remember not to become delusional as those in power start to take notice of your efforts. Wear a soft pink nail color to juxtapose your hardworking exterior. It’s a pretty contrast to that go-getter attitude.

AQUARIUS– Mars will be in your 8th house of Transformation in Perfectionist Virgo. Take everything as it comes this month, move very slowly and think things through. Enter the month with very little expectations and you can’t go wrong. Spend some time cleaning your makeup bag and writing down a list of things to buy. If you’re in need for a new bottle of foundation, splurge on the expensive one you’ve been eyeing. Trust me, it won’t come back to haunt you.

PISCES– Don’t run away from responsibilities; embrace all the chaos happening in your life at the moment. Patience will take you everywhere. Things are shifting and changing whether or not you’re paying attention. This month is all about repairing unions and rebuilding trust in yourself. You love a look suitable for every one of your moods. Let your imagination run wild and use it to inspire a new haircut.

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