Joey Maalouf’s Beauty By Zodiac (March)

Amanda Elser

Want to turn a drab crab into a 4th of July firecracker? Or perhaps you’re ready take the “bull” by the horns and transform those oh-so-stubborn locks into a wavy mane even a Leo, err, lion would envy? It’s celebrity hair and make-up artist Joey Maalouf to the rescue! Each month, our favorite beauty expert,reality TV star AND astrologer-in-training will be popping into the StyleCaster offices to pen his very own column. Expect lots of helpful beauty advice, pretty pics of his friends and great how-tos for those of you that need a little extra help with your “sign” language.

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Jen Atkin, talented hairstylist and the greatest addition to my list of BF’s. This picture was taken at The Rachel Zoe Collection show during NYC fashion week. Happy Birthday Fish!

March 2012

ARIES- Gather all your strength and courage as things get a little complicated this month due to Mercury in retrograde on March 12th. Put your attention towards your well-being, a focused mind will do wonders for your beautiful soul. Learning to accept that certain things are beyond your control can be very difficult, but you have all the strength to do it. The bigger picture comes with a strong foundation, don’t rush to get there, it will all work out in no time.

TAURUS- Take a step back and watch everything suddenly change with very little effort. A few old dreams that you have forgotten about are coming into fruition. This is an amazing time for you. Your energy will be at a high level, just don’t get to distracted shopping for your latest hang bag. When things change it’s always good to have the security of money because you don’t know what will really come out of this. Take it easy and enjoy this beautiful transition.

GEMINI- Don’t become impatient when the new things in your life are not moving at a rapid pace. Your excitement over a new relationship will have your energy souring. Take a breath; things take time and what are you in hurry for anyway? Big steps take your patience and this is the time to build strength and not exhaust all you have. Focusing on the future is so important and so is feeling great. Getting back to the gym will help control your chaotic energy.

CANCER- Your job is your main focus this month, are you pleased with where you are? Look within to connect to your truest desires. The excitement of what’s next, freshens your perspective on where you are now. New opportunities are all around you just make sure to pay attention to the signs (they’re everywhere). Holding on for dear life with where you are takes a lot of strength, but your handling it like a pro. Throw on a cute outfit and celebrate a new beginning.

LEO- Mercury will be in retrograde for 3 weeks starting March 12th, staying calm might be hard for you this month. If you’re unhappy with someone in your work environment, don’t let your personal relationships get in the way of your daily goals. Be careful not to be to argumentative. Focus on what the future holds to remain clam. A new haircut will get you plenty of compliments and distract you from thinking negatively.

VIRGO- Holding composure is one of your best qualities. Don’t make any sudden moves even if you have the urge to do so. That goes for your look too, don’t make any changes. Your regular cautious pace will be your savor this month. Something may be brewing up between you and a loved one but luckily for you, you always find a resolution to your crisis.

LIBRA- The opportunities are coming out of the woodwork; make sure you’re checking your email constantly. There may even be so much coming through that you may have to turn a few things down. Pick the things that make sense for you, decisions are not your strongest trait but your instincts are impeccable. Make sure you have a fresh haircut and your skin is sparkling bright, this month is coming in full force.

SCORPIO- You are a constant work in progress. We all learn from our mistakes and in this moment you’re becoming aware of how to fix a few things you hadn’t seen before. Building beautiful friendships at work is amazing but when you don’t have any separation, everything starts to feel like you’re on the job. Life has shown you many ups and downs, and you’ve finally made it to the destination of happiness. Work out the kinks and you’ll radiate like the sun (no bronzer necessary).

SAGITTARIUS- You are one determined human being, but you can’t succeed on that alone. Thinking you’re capable and knowing you are, are too completely different things. Don’t let your frustration bring you down- you just need a clearer perspective or a little thing I like to call PATIENCE. Call one of your BFF’s to give you a little toughlove, you can take it – it will help you see yourself.

CAPRICORN- Tread lightly, you may have been getting on you’rr boss’s bad side without even knowing it. Make sure your not walking around with your head up to high. Even though you work harder, doesn’t mean you’re better. Less is more and being humble is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself. Try and find a balance, work hard by day, and put on some sexy platforms and dance the night away with your closest friends at night.

AQUARIUS- Your main goal should be to build a sturdy foundation for your future. Although you’re ready to get a jump start on your new life path, be sure to keep in mind that this isn’t about a new direction it’s more about calming down enough to stay in the moment. Give yourself some time to set new goals. Try an extreme nail color to hold you’re over while your polishing the edges of your life.

PISCES- Instinct is everything, thankfully yours are always on point. Don’t let people influence you to do something that naturally doesn’t work for you. Respect their ideas when they are presented and walk away with the information that you can use. Life is about editing everything to work in your favor. State your needs and prove your worth by trusting your gut. This month you can have your cake and eat it too, it is your birthday after all!

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