Joey Maalouf’s Beauty by Zodiac (June)

Summer K

Want to turn a drab crab into a 4th of July firecracker? Or perhaps you’re ready take the bull by the horns and transform those oh-so-stubborn locks into a wavy mane even a Leo, err, lion would envy? It’s celebrity hair and make-up artist Joey Maalouf to the rescue! Each month, our favorite beauty expert, reality TV star AND astrologer-in-training will be popping into the StyleCaster offices to pen his very own column. Expect lots of helpful beauty advice, pretty pics of his friends and great how-tos for those of you that need a little extra help with your “sign” language.
ARIES – The time has come for you to spread your wings. Allow this dramatic transition to bring out the truth and give you what you really want. You have so much love and support surrounding you at this time, but the final decisions must be your own. This moment will empower you and give you a sense of purpose, and others will start take you more seriously.  Although things seem unstable, you will learn how to fly in know time.

TAURUS – You are enhanced, stronger, faster, better! As you clean up the clutter and make your life move smoother, you regain your confidence.  Everything from the way you look to the way you work will be adjusted with major modifications. Don’t hold back this month when you can’t solve the problems; find a way to go around them and you’ll end up at your next destination quicker.

GEMINI – Beginning from scratch always starts off a little confusing, but the first step is half the distance. Now if only someone can tell you what that first step is!?!! Keep yourself very open this month (although there’s going to be many ups and down in the months to come, opportunity will definitely come knocking).  Focus on inner beauty — feeling great will help you take yourself more seriously. Your freedom from rapid changes is just around the corner.

CANCER – The world of creative chaos and scheduled daydreams has your brain occupied. Make room for reality just enough to create a fantastic future. Your life is but a puzzle and your just linking together the pieces. You’re allowed to be interested in more then one thing. Allow your fantasies to pave the way to make them all work together. Isn’t it exciting?

LEO – Knock, Knock, It’s your future… Be open-minded — with a few improvements you will end up exactly where you want to be. Ending an uncomfortable energy between you and everyone else would be a great start. Love is the key. Your tension is high — it’s time to make your feelings known even if your not ready.  Your behavior is showing you that this is no longer OK and the truth shall set you free.

VIRGO – There’s a slight gap between your professional success and your home life. You have exactly what you want on both ends, but you need to create a healthier environment by separating the two.  It will be difficult to let go of that control, but it will lead you to open your mind and show you that letting go just a little can lead you to your truest life purpose.

LIBRA – Welcome to your dark side…most transitions are unpredictable, but in order to enjoy the amazing changes that are coming soon, you’ll have to deal with life being upside down for the time being. Patience is your best friend, as everything around you suddenly shifts into different shapes. Try to keep calm as even you are changing the way you see yourself and others.

SCORPIO –  You are organized and sharp and choosing things wisely.  Surround yourself by people who inspire you at this time (it will help influence your creative decisions and take you to the next level).  Don’t allow peoples’ comments to get under your skin — you know what you’re doing  and there is nothing wrong with someone having their own opinion.  Count to five before you react because there is nothing cute about yelling at someone who didn’t mean anything by it.  (That’s just crazy!!!)

SAGITTARIUS – Every single person that walks into your life at this moment has something to offer you, so keep your eyes and ears open at all times.  It is up to you to discover what that is.  The new moon in Gemini on June 19 is going to put you in a tizzy. You will be running in circles trying to get as much done as possible; make sure to have a plan of attack s you’re not on edge.  In a couple of months you can be where you want to be if you make smart choices.

CAPRICORN –  When one door closes another one opens. Although you don’t need to change what you’re doing, you need to make minor adjustments to how you approach it. Your brain is constantly thinking. “What’s Next, What’s Next” but if you pay attention, your feet are on solid ground. You probably can’t make sense of it yet but you need to make what you have worked towards work for you.

AQUARIUS – You hold the power.  If you’re feeling stuck in a pattern, you need to get yourself back to a productive place. Life can be all fun and games, but it’s not worth it without working hard to deserve the FUN! Put a lot of effort into yourself but make sure you think before you act. You’re fragile at this moment, so make sure to know how to glue yourself back together if you end up falling apart.

PISCES – You have no idea how things got this way.  You feel like you’ve worked towards so much and there’s nothing in front of you.  Your not sure how to get yourself where you want to be, but acting fast is not the way to go about this situation. Sometimes when you leave things alone, they resolve themselves. The answer to all you crises is LOVE — surround yourself with it.