Joey Maalouf’s Beauty By Zodiac (February)

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Want to turn a drab crab into a 4th of July firecracker? Or perhaps you’re ready take the “bull” by the horns and transform those oh-so-stubborn locks into a wavy mane even a Leo, err, lion would envy? It’s celebrity hair and make-up artist Joey Maalouf to the rescue! Each month, our favorite beauty expert, reality TV star AND astrologer-in-training will be popping into the StyleCaster offices to pen his very own column. Expect lots of helpful beauty advice, pretty pics of his friends and great how-tos for those of you that need a little extra help with your “sign” language.

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Amanda Lipitz: Broadway producer, wonderful mom and an amazing friend! This photo was taken the first day I met her and we’ve been friends ever since. Happy Birthday Aquarius 🙂

February 2012

ARIES – Don’t get discouraged when things don’t go your way. Sometimes setbacks are a blessing in disguise. In this case, you’re being handed a glimpse of what your life will turn into if you pay close enough attention. When was the last time you remember being happy? Go back to that mind frame. Dream back — and get a massage while you’re at it. Relax! Take a minute to enjoy the regularity of life, and you’ll be smiling from ear-to-ear before you know it.

TAURUS – Alluring factors create an internal battlefield between your inner guidance and external rules. Be careful that your friends and coworkers don’t cloud your judgment or give you inaccurate information You’ll need to put your good ‘ole common sense to use. In the meantime, if you were thinking of changing your hair, don’t get sweet-talked into anything TOO major or you may end up regretting the results. You always know what’s best for you even when seeking out others for advice. Stick to your gut this month — don’t fall under anyone’s spell.

GEMINI – Watch your words the first few days of the month or you may get all bent out of shape over something totally insignificant. (Besides, anger doesn’t look good on you.) Focus on yourself — which you’re totally good at (duh). Do an at-home mani/pedi to give your meticulous mind a break from life stresses. Think positive thoughts about a new career path (or at least dream out loud). You may get some great feed-back from a close friend on the 19th when the full moon in Leo will be in your 3rd house on information.

CANCER – Hey there penny-pincher! The Leo full moon highlights your 2nd house of income on the 7th. Don’t be so parsimonious — it may be inhibiting you from earning more money. Invest in your well-being, as it will do wonders for your creative soul. Hey, all I’m saying is, it’s OK to splurge on a great pair of boots that you really want. Don’t listen to the noise inside your brain that tries to talk you out of everything. Keep the faith; when you feel good you look good. Do something nice for yourself. There IS more going on than just the rent.

LEO – Be the bigger person this month in your relationships. After all, you may be taking someone’s words too literally. Remember, no one knows what you know unless you tell them. Let your guard down and share the way you feel, maybe even send flowers to someone who you’ve held a grudge against. Your subtle ways will give your loved ones confidence and you’ll still get what you want out of it. You have everything it takes; gain the patience, have a soft approach and things will start to look up.

VIRGO – Don’t fixate so much on your flaws. How you perceive yourself bleeds into how you see others. No one is perfect, but maintaining balance between your outer beauty AND your inner soul is the harmony you’re desperately in need of. You’ve finally found the right people to surround yourself with — don’t miss the point by trying to figure out what’s wrong with them. Spend your time enjoying the love that surrounds you and you’ll open up like a beautiful flower.

LIBRA – Your generous heart sometimes gets in the way of seeing what you want since you care so much of what people think. So what if you want to be a little selfish! Do as you wish, just don’t come across as vain in the process. Make sure to put some outfits together ahead of time so you’re not stressing out over what to wear. (This month may toy with your emotions in a good way.) Find the freedom to be your spontaneous self around everyone you encounter. By doing so you’ll attract some real eye candy.

SCORPIO – You have an itch for something new instead of rushing into a total transformation. Really, think about what the next step is going to be and let things happen gradually. You don’t want to burn out all the magic at once. Start with a new lipstick shade that really expresses how you’re feeling right now…HAPPY! February 3, Neptune is back in you 5th house of spirituality, so you can let go of all that second-guessing and allow the flow of L.O.V.E. to enter.

SAGITTARIUS – The Pisces new moon on February 21 joins sympathetic Neptune in your 4th house of home and family, so it’s time to forgive your relatives and close up an emotional wound. It’s amazing to be thinking positively and releasing long overdue negative energy, but nothing will improve with that alone. You need a plan of action — don’t allow your personal life to overpower all you have going on. It’s not about how beautiful you are, it’s about what you can do! This could be a very busy month for you, so get ready to prove to yourself that you can do it.

CAPRICORN – Getting out of your comfort zone is your priority this month. Allowing yourself to think freely will be challenging as you tend to control every aspect of your life. You don’t want people to perceive you as TOO serious no matter what your position. Wear a flirty dress to work with some sparkly eye shadow! Trust me, sometimes it’s OK to choose style over substance (it may even add a little humor into your work life). Your sustained efforts always helps you complete what you start, but a little FUN will get you what you REALLY want.

AQUARIUS – You’re on your “A” game this month; it’s all about you, just don’t forget to give some attention to those who have helped you get here. When life hands you what you’ve always wanted and you’re dissatisfied with the results, it’s no one’s fault — you just have to dream BIGGER. Don’t waste your energy worrying about what went wrong. It’s just that things take time to develop to their greatest potential. Distract yourself in the meantime with a cardio class, or focus on your external look. Just let it go long enough to enjoy this amazing transition you have waited so long for.

PISCES – There’s a difference between facts and faith. You have everything you need to be happy once you’ve figured out that life is not only driven by fears and doubts. Your attraction to a world of “no rules” is a fun place to dabble in your free time, but how can you get to your next destination without a realistic vision as to how you got there to begin with? Before you escape off into your fantasy land, look in the mirror and admit to yourself who you really are. Pretending to be perfect on the outside is easy with the right wardrobe and automobile, but it only counts when it matches within. Life is complicated enough, so don’t be something you’re not. BE YOU!

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