Joan Smalls Gives Her Instagram Followers What They Want—Violet Lipstick

Sable Yong
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If you happen to follow Joan Smalls on Instagram, perhaps you double-tapped her violet lip from last year’s Met Gala look. Maybe you even scoured through your lipsticks to get that same electric violet hue, took a selfie and tagged her in it. Well if that’s you, you’ll be psyched to know that as of today not only can you recreate that same violet shade, Joan Smalls teamed with Estée Lauder and made it for you. Oh, and 11 other shades too.

We always knew that the power of Instagram was not to be underestimated, but now we know that its power extends to making beauty collabs and collections actually happen. Just ask Joan, who claimed that her Pure Color Envy Lipstick collaboration with legendary beauty brand, Estée Lauder, came from finding herself tagged in so many violet lipstick selfies from her fans obsessing over the model’s punky shade of violet lipstick worn on the Met Gala’s red carpet last year. Her Instagram followers even helped her name one of the shades, a deep burgundy called ‘Commanding.’

As for the purple shade in hot pursuit? ‘Shameless Violet‘—which is the closest match for Joan’s Met Gala shade. The other colors range from soft nudes and pinks to neon bold deep colors too, all of which have a creamy matte finish. “It’s chicer,” Smalls mentions about her choice in finish.

How to wear these colors? “It’s all about self-expression,” Joan says, in an exclusive with Vogue, “Just go with your heart and your mood. If you don’t want to go as bold, pat it down with a tissue and use it as a tint. Baby steps.”

Unlike Kendall’s limited edition bold red lipstick, Joan’s will all be additions to Estée Lauder’s permanent collection—the first of hopefully many more with the model.

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