I’m Drooling Over J.Lo’s Blunt Curtain Bangs

Elizabeth Denton
I’m Drooling Over J.Lo’s Blunt Curtain Bangs
Photo: Image Press Agency / MEGA.

I got curtain bangs a few months ago, basically after every other celebrity got them and it was just too tempting not to succumb. They’re fun to wear in a flipped out, ’70s style but J.Lo’s blunt curtain bangs are making me rethink everything. Her longtime stylist Chris Appleton posted a photo of Lopez’s ultra-straight hair and bangs, a pretty new look for her. “What do you think [of] today’s look Blunt Curtain bangs on JLO?” he wrote.

I don’t know what they’re shooting with Lopez in Miami but she’s glowing with her straight bangs framing her face. The glam makeup is by Scott Barnes, of course. It looks to be plum smoky eyes and her signature pink-nude lips. If you look closely, her nails are a bit of a departure from her usual look. We’re used to seeing her with long, sparkly talons but these are shorter and a deep maroon shade.

It seems like the curtain bangs trend isn’t going anywhere. Just take a look at Gen Z faves Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter, as well as Ashley Benson and Ariana Grande. It’s an easy style that grows out nicely without a ton of work, which makes them a low-maintenance look even if you don’t think you’ll head to the salon very often. As they grow, you can tuck them behind your ears and then they’ll eventually just look like long layers right into your hair.

Then, when you’re ready to rock them again like Rodrigo, you can just go get them trimmed up a bit. Curtain bangs work on all hair textures too and look especially chic on curls. Just make sure you go to a stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair so your shorter ringlets are bouncy and defined. Curtain bangs for everyone!

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